Why you must not start your programming journey with Python?

not learning python

Each programming language has its unique features. Similarly, one programming language is not the best choice for all fields. Different languages are ranked differently according to their area of usage. Python is currently the most popular programming language. Though there are some areas where it is not that preferable for use.

Here is the list of reasons why you must not begin your programming journey with Python,

1. Competitive Programming

If you want to begin competitive programming, Python should not be the first choice for you. C++ is a lot faster than Python. In many cases, where time constraints are required, coding with Python does not work out smoothly. C++ is mostly used by competitive programmers and so many resources are available for competitive programming in C++. Comparatively, fewer resources are available for Competitive programming in Python.

2. Want to learn logic building

In Python, for many functionalities, inbuild functions and modules are present. This makes programming relatively simpler. If you are planning to develop logic in programming and prefer it over simplicity, then Python is not currently the right choice for you

3. Have nothing to do with data analysis

Python is majorly used for data analysis, so if you have nothing to do with data analysis and are planning to learn to program for the first time, then you must start with some complex languages like Java and C++. If you are planning to begin with Data analysis, then Python is a better option as compared to Java and C++.

4. To learn purely the OOP approach

If you are planning to learn a programming language with an Object-Oriented Programming paradigm then Java should be the first choice for you and not Python. Python is not purely an OOP language. Java is completely OOP-based. For learning or applying an object-oriented approach it will be best for you.

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