Why you must know about freeCodeCamp?

The freeCodeCamp is a platform that everyone who is planning to learn to program must know about. They provide coding courses for free. Anyone can enroll and start learning from this platform. After completing the modules and projects, you will get a certificate that you can use in your LinkedIn or resume.

This is a great platform for students planning to learn to code and have no idea where to start.

Certifications and Courses offered

  • Responsive Web Design (300 hours)
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures (300 hours)
  • Front End Development libraries (300 hours)
  • Data visualization certification (300 hours)
  • Back end development and APIs certification (300 hours)
  • Quality Assurance (300 hours)
  • Scientific Computing with Python (300 hours)
  • Data Analysis with Python (300 hours)
  • Information Security (300 hours)
  • Machine Learning with Python (300 hours)
  • coding interview prep (thousands of hours of challenges)

Youtube channel

The youtube channel of freeCodeCamp has rich resources for programmers containing various tutorials, concepts, project development, and much more.


Forums give you a chance to ask your questions and also clear the doubts of others. It is like a community interactive platform where you can see the issues faced by others and what are the various methods to solve them. So whenever you are facing issues, you can visit the forum to see if it has already been solved in past by someone and if not you can discuss your problem.


The news section generally contains blogs where there are many interesting articles about application building and general concepts. Overall it is an informative section that will be involving the topics that you are learning. Before building any project, you must refer to this section. This is not one of the sections that you should overlook.

In the end, you should know one thing that nothing in this world comes for free. Over here you will have to pay with your time and dedication to get desired results. If you really want to learn something, then nothing can stop you from starting your learning journey now.

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