Why start with competitive programming?

competitive coding

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When as students we approach programming, we only deal with the basics of a programming language. Competitive programming is an advanced approach to programming where the efficient and time-constrained solution needs to be developed for challenging problems.

In technical hiring, if you have a good competitive programmer profile, it makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. So if you want to prepare for advanced technical interviews or start logic development, it is the best pathway to start.

Here are a few reasons why you must start with competitive programming:

1. To become better at developing logic for challenging situations

In competitive programming, a challenging problem is given. A deeply logical approach is required to solve the problem in given constraints. In these problems, efficient application of algorithms is done. The knowledge of language tools is essential and so are their applications. So you are having data structures, language libraries, and algorithms and with it, you have to develop logic to the question.

2. Technical interview problems

Practicing competitive programming is highly beneficial if you are planning to give technical interviews. Competitive programming is a demonstration of knowledge of problem-solving skills essential for software engineers. It deals with data structures and algorithms which are asked in technical interviews. So being a good competitive programmer, hardly any technical interview question would be difficult for you.

3. Public demonstration of skills

A good competitive programming profile is highly valued. There are various competitive programming platforms having tutorials. Many competitions are being held on a regular basis on these platforms where on getting good rankings, you are eligible for rewards based on the competition. These profiles are public and can be added to your resume.

4. Involves mind

On getting started with competitive programming, you start getting so involved with those questions that they start to stay in your mind till you get answers, maybe for hours and even days. It is addictive and it is possible to spend sleepless nights while arriving at a solution. It further develops your love for coding.

When to start ?

There is no perfect time to start with competitive programming. You can start with it being a school student or a working professional. There is only one prerequisite that you must be familiar with the basics of the programming language of your choice and must be able to practice regularly maybe thrice a week when you are busy and one problem daily if you have time.

How to start ?

If you are really serious about being a competitive programmer, first you must go to youtube and see the interviews and recommendations of competitive programmers. From their interviews and recommendations, make your own plan and start working on it and stay regular. There are many resources and solved problems available on youtube. So get started with your journey now.

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