How to study effectively from an online course?

study effectively online

The Internet has indeed brought the world closer than it was ever before. There are many online courses on a single topic online. Seeing so many courses and study hours they require can be overwhelming. Here are some tips that you can follow to study effectively from an online course.

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1. Select only one course at a time

You need to select one course which meets your demands. Proceed with only one course at a time to complete it. If you select multiple courses and try to complete them all, then in most cases students leave them in the middle and land nowhere. Hence, select a course carefully according to your requirement.

2. Be dedicated 

After selecting your course, you need to be dedicated to it. Set a deadline for yourself to complete the course. Without deadline students generally leave the course halfway. When you start studying the topics, don’t be distracted and stay completely focused on the topic.

3. Give it time

Nothing happens in a single day. Give time to the subject. If you are a person who can not follow timetables, then no issues, set a daily limit for yourself. Note down how many hours you must dedicate to the course on a daily and weekly basis and stick to it. Take breaks after every 20 to 35 minutes to refresh yourself and increase your efficiency. Your time is the most precious resource so make sure it is being used wisely.

4. Practice

Practice is the only thing that can give you an edge over others. This means that you must practice new problems. If there are some concepts where you think you need more practice, practice new problems on that concept and revise that concept weekly. Make sure that you do not practice a single problem more than five times though you can revise them as much as you want at time intervals. Regular practice is the only thing that can make you unbeatable and proficient in a subject.

5. Keep evolving

Within the deadline you have set for yourself, try looking for new concepts and problems in that subject. Try building projects of your choice to keep yourself moving ahead. Keep a track of your activities in a diary or use Notion to increase efficiency.

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6. Keep yourself motivated

Studying a course online is not an easy feat. You need to be dedicated and focused on it. For that keep yourself motivated. Without motivation, completing this journey will seem like an impossibility.

Keep in mind that this is a beginning and not the end. There will be many things in the journey, so gear up, stay motivated and stay involved.