How to decide which online course must you enroll in?

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In today’s world, education has shifted online. We have access to resources from any part of the world. Due to numerous resources in a domain, it becomes necessary to know how to decide which course to enroll in so that learning stays fun and the money is spent wisely.

State of confusion:

Suppose you want to learn about a particular topic and subject and so you start looking for a course on it. You google it and BOOM! there are so many courses on the same subject that it is natural to be confused. So what to do in such a situation? How to decide which course is best for you?

How to choose the course which is best for you?

1. Find out your intent for studying a subject:

Decide what is your reason for enrolling in a course.
Let me take an example of the python programming language.
First, decide what do you want to learn in Python.
Do you want to learn only basic fundamentals? or
Do you want to learn Data Structures and Algorithms using python or
Do you want to learn python for data science?
and so on…
Be clear about it to avoid confusion.

2. Decide the approach which you find most suitable:

Be clear about the approach in which you want to learn.
Whether you want a theoretical approach or a project-based approach while learning.

Trust me this distinction in approach makes a lot of difference in course content.

3. Decide the mode of instruction:

Be sure whether you are comfortable with recorded lectures or you want live lectures.

4. Be sure on the timeline in which you have to complete the course:

Before committing to develop your skills in a subject make sure that you define a deadline for completing it and be clear on the amount of time you can dedicate to it.

Because what actually matters is that you finish your goal before the deadline.

5. Define your budget:

Be very clear on your priorities regarding budgets. Decide if you want a free course or a paid course. If you are enrolling in a paid course, do define the upper limit of your budget that whether it is worth spending that sum of money or not. To be honest, if you are getting the same content, then it is actually useless to pay more for learning the same thing.

Now make a google search including all the factors to get specific results.

Select the top 5 courses and open each of them in a new google chrome tab.

6. Compare their syllabus:

From the selected options, directly compare their syllabus and find the one which suits your needs the most.

7. Check their doubt support features:

One of the most important features is doubt support.
Be clear whether the course you are enrolling in is offering doubt support or not. If it is offering doubt support then all is well and good as the doubts would be cleared quickly. If it is not offering doubt support there is no need to worry as you can google your doubts or post them on Stack Overflow, Quora, and other doubt clearing platforms. You can even refer to the books and ask your professors for clarification of doubts and concepts.

8.Duration of course:

Be clear whether you are comfortable with limited-time access or lifetime access to the course material. Choose according to your needs.

9. Check the REVIEWS:

It is important to check reviews but be careful as many companies have a content writing team on the social media platform to overpraise their courses, so how can we find genuine reviews?
Check both, the positive reviews and the negative reviews on Quora.
If the number of upvotes on a single negative review is greater than or equal to 50, drop that course and look for another one.

In the end, decide on an online course that satisfies your demands and is within your time range and most importantly the budget.

Happy learning !!!